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Flour & Powders

Our range of organic flour and baking powders are ready are raring to make delicious baked goods. Add flaked nuts and seeds for extra bite or go gluten-free with coconut, rice or almond flour.


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Organic Brown Rice Flour
From £3.32
£6.64 / kg
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Organic Coconut Flour
From £3.21
£6.42 / kg
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Organic Tapioca Flour
From £3.18
£6.36 / kg
Xanthan Gum
From £9.99
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Organic Buckwheat Flour
From £3.12
£6.24 / kg
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Organic Chickpea Flour
£6.90 / kg
Organic Quinoa Flour
From £3.50 £5.52
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