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Passionate about food

About Us

Founded in 2020 by chef, food consultant and educator Annette Wedd, Rough & Ready Whole Foods is the cumulation of a life-long passion for food, inspired by generations of nourishing home cooking.

The name Rough & Ready represents the food that we sell; wholesome, natural and honest. 

Our own brand range of high quality organic nuts, seeds, dried fruit, dried vegetables and flours have been carefully curated with this in mind, alongside our favourites from well known organic brands like Doves Farm, Infinity Foods and Biona. We hope that you'll find everything you need for a well-stocked cupboard of delicious whole foods and ingredients. 

Meet Annette, our founder

Chef, food consultant and educator; with over 35 years experience in the catering and food industry, Annette is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to food and nutrition. 

"As a family we have always had strong connections with food. Our grandmother was an excellent cook and made the most amazing pastry. She grew all kinds of fruit and vegetables and one of my favourite childhood memories is the taste of strawberries from her garden when they were in season, and the anticipation of picking them each summer.

She taught our mother to cook and our parents still grow their own fruit and vegetables in their garden. They allowed us as children to experiment with cooking at home, initially watching and scraping out the bowls, and then baking and cooking our own creations, as well as preparing vegetables and fruit for the freezer and making jams and chutney. I’ve now passed these skills onto my own daughter.

Eating foods that are seasonal, natural and ethical is a passion for me. It's this passion, along with enormous help from my brother Richard, that has created Rough & Ready Whole Foods."

Almond Paste

Almond Paste

Delicious almond paste, only made with the finest ingredients. Very pliable to use when marzipan your cake. Also is great to use in petit fours and homemade sweets.
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Autumn Pumpkin, Pulse and Pasta Soup

Autumn Pumpkin, Pulse and Pasta Soup

A warming soup packed full of nutrition and tasty pumpkin, pulses and pasta... Delicious for lunch or add some homemade bread for a hearty evening meal. Easy to make lots to enjoy...
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Pumpkin, Date and Strawberry Muesli Bar

Nutty Pumpkin, Date and Strawberry Muesli Bar

A delicious nutty, chewy, naturally sweet muesli bar. This delicious recipe has been forwarded to us from one of our customers Mrs Melody Mann, she tells us these bars are not only healthy and morish but so easy to make too. If you want to share your recipes with us we will share them all...
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