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Tofu and Noodle Japanese Style Soup


1 block Tofu
6 sliced Mushrooms
25g sliced Carrot
25g diced Onion
4 Baby Corn cut lengthways
1 bunch Spring Onion sliced
2 handfuls of Greens/Spinach or Chinese leaf shredded
500ml good stock of your choice
2 tablespoon Tamarin
2 teaspoon garlic puree
2 teaspoon ginger puree
4 tablespoons soya sauce
100g noodles of your choice
Oil of your choice to fry
30g Sesame Seeds
Coriander for garnish


Wash and prepare all vegetables, set to one side.

Cook off noodles in boiling water and leave to drain.

Chop tofu in to bite size pieces and marinate in soya sauce and tamarin for 20 minutes, you may also decide to add some sesame seeds. Once marinated grill under a medium heat turning and brushing with marinade. When cooked leave to cool. Any marinade left over will go into the soup.

In a large pan add onions and ginger, garlic with a little oil and cook until soft, add in carrots and baby corn and then cover with stock and left over marinade. Leave until the carrots are tender, pop in mushrooms, greens and half the spring onions allow all vegetables to simmer and cook slowly and add more stock as required. When vegetables are ready, stir in noodles, half the tofu. Adjust the seasoning.

Place into large soup bowls, add the remaining grilled tofu, spring onions and roughly chopped coriander, if desired sprinkle with more roasted sesame seeds for an little crunch.

This soup may be substituted with other proteins if desired or remove tofu and eat as a noodle and vegetable soup.

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