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50 ways with freeze dried fruit

Freeze dried fruit is available as whole fruit, fruit mixes, chopped fruit nibs and powders. Freeze drying (lyophilisation) is a low temperature dehydration method that preserves the natural shape, colour and goodness of the fruit.


Our freeze dried fruit contains no added sugar, colourings, preservatives or additives, just 100% fruit! It'll keep for up to 9 months in the cupboard too (in our click seal bags) making freeze dried fruit so much more convenient than fresh fruit.
  1. Eat freeze dried fruit like whole freeze dried raspberries as a healthy snack, straight from the packet!
  2. Sprinkle some freeze dried fruit nibs on your cereal, for natural sweetness and a bright pop of colour.
  3. Add a freeze dried fruit powder to your sponge cake mix for a natural flavour and colour.
  4. Sprinkle some freeze dried fruit nibs or powders into your pancake batter - children in particular love this and it’s great fun.
  5. Add freeze dried fruit to flapjack mixture - sour sliced cherries work particularly well.
  6. Replace raisins with freeze dried fruit for extra fruity scones
  7. Add freeze dried pineapple cubes to a cheese straw pastry mix - you won’t regret it! 
  8. Add freeze dried fruit nibs to a shortcrust pastry mixture for fruit tarts or jam tarts.
  9. Use freeze dried fruit powders to make milkshakes in a variety of flavours and colours.
  10. Shake freeze dried powders like raspberry into frozen cocktails.
  11. Dip cocktail glasses into fruit powders for a colourful frosted rim and fruity flavour.
  12. Replace chocolate chips with freeze dried fruit nibs in your cookie mixture.
  13. Make frozen fruit pops (lollies) by combining fruit juice or yoghurt and freeze dried fruit.
  14. Add freeze dried fruits and powders to shortbread recipes.
  15. Sprinkle freeze dried fruit nibs on top of creamy desserts like trifle, along with some flaked almonds.
  16. Add freeze dried fruit and powders to muffin mixture.
  17. Add freeze dried fruit or powders to stewed apple for make pies and crumbles.
  18. Top ice cream with freeze dried fruits or fruit nibs.
  19. Stir freeze dried fruit or powders into natural or coconut yogurt for breakfast.
  20. Add freeze dried cherry powder to meringue mixtures, for a burst of colour and flavour.
  21. Add freeze dried banana powder to homemade custard for a tropical twist - also fabulous in trifle.
  22. Use freeze dried blackcurrant powder to make a tangtastic sorbet.
  23. Use powders and whole fruits in home made ice cream and experiment with flavour combinations.
  24. Make a knickerbocker glory with a rainbow of colourful fruits.
  25. Add freeze dried cranberries or cranberry powder to home made winter stews
  26. Add freeze dried whole raspberries to chocolate brownie mixtures for a decadent taste.
  27. Decorate a banana split with freeze dried sliced strawberries or mixed fruit nibs.
  28. Add freeze dried fruit or fruit powders to cheesecakes recipes.
  29. Use freeze dried red berry nibs to make a summer pudding.
  30. Add freeze dried fruit nibs to homemade oatmeal bars or energy balls.
  31. Use freeze dried banana slices to make a banoffee pie.
  32. Add freeze dried berries or cranberries to home made fruit loaves.
  33. Sprinkle freeze dried pomegranate seeds onto a goats cheese salad.
  34. Use elderberry powder to make an elderberry and ginger syrup.
  35. Try adding elderberry powder to carrot cake mixture for a winning carrot and elderberry combo
  36. Make a cheese and freeze dried pineapple loaf.
  37. Add freeze dried sour sliced cherries to fudge for a deliciously sweet and sour flavour.
  38. Top cupcakes and fairy cakes with freeze dried fruit nibs - nature’s alternative to sprinkles!
  39. Add freeze dried apple cubes to minced pork or vegan mince to make burgers or meatballs.
  40. Add small freeze dried pineapple cubes to a sweet and sour sauce.
  41. Add freeze dried cranberries, whole or powdered, to home made Chelsea buns.
  42. Try adding freeze dried apple or cranberry as a complementary flavour to pork dishes.
  43. Add freeze dried fruits like mango, papaya and passionfruit to make a tropical Eton Mess.
  44. Add freeze dried rhubarb powder to custard for a true rhubarb and custard experience.
  45. Fill meringue nests with freeze dried tropical fruit mix.
  46. Add freeze dried fruits to jellies - a great one for children.
  47. Add freeze dried fruits nibs and powders to roulades or fabulous colour and flavour.
  48. Fill choux buns with freeze dried fruits, or add fruit powder to the choux pastry.
  49. Add freeze dried blueberries or peach cubes to overnight chia seed pudding.
  50. Add fruit powders like to home made crème brûlée.

If you've tried any of these ideas or have your own freeze dried fruit recipe to share, we'd love to hear from you - just drop a comment in the box below.

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Laura Mitchell

Great ideas. Will try the cheese straws and meatballs as a savoury twist. The powders make the best shakes…

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