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Infinity Foods Organic Wholemeal Cous Cous

£6.58 / kg

Infinity Foods Organic Wholemeal Cous Cous 450g

Cous cous grain is typically used in North African or Middle-Eastern cuisine

Couscous is produced from selected durum wheat semolina which is moistened and spray dried into an oven which agglomerates the particles. Wholemeal cous cous is made from wholegrain flour.

Cous cous cooks quickly, so it's a versatile ingredient for many dishes.

  • Good source of protein
  • Low in fat and salt
  • Contains some dietary fibre

Ingredients: Organic Cous Cous Grain

Allergens: Contains Gluten, RyeBarley

Storage: Store in a cool, dry, dark place in an airtight container.

Country of Origin Italy

 Nutrition information Values per 100g
Energy (kj)
Energy (kcal)
Fat (g)
of which saturates (g)
Carbohydrates (g)
of which sugars (g)
Fibre (g)
Protein (g)
Salt (g)


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