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Freeze Dried Rhubarb Powder

Weight: 100g

100% pure rhubarb powder with no additives

A tart fruity powder to use in many recipes, adding an intense rhubarb flavour. Freeze-dried rhubarb powder is excellent for adding flavour to home bakes, shakes, smoothies, custards and ice cream.
  • Freeze drying preserves the natural colour and goodness of the fruit
  • Lovely flavour for a crème brûlée
  • Add rhubarb powder to a crumble mix or even in the pastry for a unique tart flavour.
  • No added sugar

        Hand-packed in Sussex. Our products are packed in resealable, reusable bags.

        Ingredients: Freeze Dried Rhubarb Powder

        Country of origin: Poland

        Allergens: Packed in an environment that handles nut products, seeds, cereals, soya and products containing gluten.

        Storage: Store in a cool, dry, dark place in an airtight container

         Nutritional information Typical values per 100g
        Energy (kj)

        Energy (kcal)

        Fat (g)

        - of which saturates (g)

        Carbohydrates (g)

        - of which sugars (g)

        Fibre (g)

        Protein (g)

        Salt (g)

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 1 review
        Culinary Experiences
        All things rhubarb

        Never used this before but now a must-have larder ingredient! I used it in a meringue roulade then added some to the whipped cream filling along with a rhubarb compot. Then shortbread biscuits, heart shaped, a little in the mixture but then immediately on removing from the oven, I dusted the biscuits with a mixture of powdered rhubarb and caster sugar. Totally delicious!

        It was perfect for a rub on mackerel fillets. I think the use of this with its intense flavour is limitless!