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Coffee & Walnut Ice Cream



Dissolve coffee with a little boiling water and leave to cool.

Combine cornflour and 100ml of the milk in a bowl, mix well and set aside.

Boil the remaining milk, when boiling pour over  the cornflour mix stirring all the time and add the coffee and sugar and continue to stir on a medium heat for 7-8 minutes.

Remove pan from heat and allow to cool add in the cream and mix well.

Pour the mixture into an ice-cream machine and follow instructions.

Alternatively, place in an aluminium vessel, cover with foil and freeze for 4 hours.

Once the mixture is semi set, blend in a mixer until smooth *can use a stick blender.

Add the walnuts to the blended mixture pour back into the container, cover, and freeze for 8-10 hours or until set, or needed.

When serving add on some chopped walnuts and if eating on its own pour over a shot of coffee.

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